Area Students Enjoy Jonas Art Education Programs!

The O. N. Jonas Foundation partners with the Creative Arts Guild and our local school systems to bring quality art education programs to students in Dalton Public Schools, Murray County Schools, Whitfield County Schools, and several non-traditional schools. Jonas art education programs offer a variety of fine arts topics, including visual arts, music, theory, and dance. The following Jonas artists recently presented art education programs in many of our schools.

Brian Engel is part of an exciting new community helping to revive and promote the enchanting art of glass music. His instrument is a glass harp, consisting of 50 glasses of different sizes, which he plays by carefully rubbing their rims with moistened fingers. Brian’s school programs include the incorporation of Science, History and Cultural Studies and Music and how they correlate to the current curriculum. Brien’s extensive repertoire includes his own originals, popular songs, Jazz standards, and classical music.

Alex Mizell, a gifted artist, has been a guest art teacher in some of our schools this fall. He has been teaching the art of working with acrylic paints with students. His techniques include creating a variety of colors and textures in a painting. As part of his art education program, he has helped each student create a still life painting.

The Jonas Foundation is the only organization in Georgia that totally concentrates its efforts in bringing talented artists into our school system – at no cost to the students.

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