The Jonas Foundation Partnership

The real strength of the Jonas Foundation is its partnership.  For over 50 years, the Jonas Foundation has partnered with the Creative Arts Guild and our 3 school systems to provide quality art programs in our schools.

Each school system provides some of the funding for the artists based on the size of their student body.  They also designate Jonas representatives who help coordinate the Jonas programs in each school.

The Creative Arts Guild provides in kind support to the Jonas Foundation by providing staff members to help coordinate the art programming.  Rene Rector, our Program Coordinator, procures the artists and schedules over 300 art programs in our schools each year.  Other members of the guild staff assist the Jonas Foundation with publicity and accounting matters.

Each year, approximately 43% of the Jonas Partnership income is raised by the Jonas Foundation, 32% is donated by our 3 school systems, 7% is donated by a Seretean Foundation Grant, 7 % is donated by a Lorberbaum Family Grant, and 11% is given through in-kind services provided by the CAG.

To Learn More About The Creative Arts Guild, visit them on their website: