Lorberbaum Family Grants

        Due to the success of our Seretean Foundation Grant that is given to  three of our elementary schools each year, the Jonas Foundation decided to provide an additional competitive grant when money became available.

        In 2021, the Lorberaum Family Foundation made it possible for the Jonas Foundation to establish an annual arts grant to expand and enhance arts instruction in visual arts, music, theatre, or dance for middle and high school students in the Dalton  Public, Murray County, and Whitfield County schools.  The Lorberbaum Family Grants are provided by Jeff and Sarah Lorberbaum.  Jeff’s mother, Shirley Lorberbaum, was a founding board member of the Jonas Foundation.

        Thus, a middle/high school from each of our three school systems has received a $2,500 grant each year since 2021.  Schools who want to apply for the grant are asked to select a project that will benefit their school and that incorporates art and strong curriculum skills.

        Grant applications need to be submitted by a determined October date and the winning application from each school system is announced in November so that supplies can be ordered.  The winners of the grant must be complete their projects between January and March.  The grant winners are expected to contribute $500 to the grant amount.

        The Lorberbaum Family Foundation Grants History lists all the schools that have won a Lorberbaum Family Grant.  Over the past two years, the Lorberbaum Family Grants have distributed $12,500 to our area schools.



2021-2022                      Dalton Junior High                       Bagley Middle                        None
                 2022-2023                       Dalton High                                   Bagley Middle                        Southeast High


Lorberbaum Family Grant Recipients

2022 – 2023

Dalton Public Schools
                    “Impromptu Sculpture Garden”
                    Dalton High School
                    Melissa Lambert, Teacher
 Murray County Schools
                   “Dynamic Video Productions”
                   Bagley Middle School
                   Adrian Stone, Teacher
Whitfield County Schools
                   “Indoor Drum Lines”
                   Southeast High School
                   Ashley Hooker, Teacher