JONAS ARTISTS 2019 – 2020
Ron Anglin – Juggler – Science Focus
     Ron Anglin wants to entertain, educate, and positively impact as many children as possible with comic juggling and clowning.  He does an amazing job mixing key science concepts, incredible demonstrations, and a great sense of humor.  Kids love every minute of his performance and learn more than you could teach them in a whole day!
        His interest in juggling began when he was 8 years old.  In 1990, when he was teaching, he began using his juggling as a way to gain his students’ attention , and later realized he could use it to teach all kinds of lessons.  In 1999, he left the classroom to become a comic and educational juggler.  In 2001, he was selected by Cirque du Soleil to lead their Cirque du Monde program in Atlanta, which targeted “at risk” teens and used Circus Arts as a way of teaching positive skills.  Since then, he has worked for Young Audiences of the Woodruff Arts Center, the GA Council for the Arts, and the Fulton County Teaching Museum.


Ceilidh – Irish Music
        Ceilidh (pronounced “KAY-lee”) is a  Gaelic (a traditional language of Scotland and Ireland) word meaning “a concert at which tales are told, songs are sung, and music is played for dancing.”  So, not only is this the name of the group, but is  also the type of performance they bring.  Students are always very interested in the variety of instruments they play during their performance.  In addition to their music, they also include interesting information about the six Celtic countries:  Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Isle of Man, Cornwall, and Brittany.
          This versatile quartet was formed in July 2004, and the members bring with them nearly 200 years of combined experience in the performance of classical and folk music.  Ceilidh has performed for more than 10,000 school children all over northwest Georgia.


 Brien Engel – Music/Glass Harp
        Learn all about musical glasses, or the glass harp – a musical instrument that is a collection of 50 drinking glasses, each chosen for their pitch or musical not.  Glasses can also be tuned using water to obtain certain pitches.   Glasses can be played by wetting ones fingers and carefully rubbing the rims off the glasses, using friction to make music.  During the program, Brien performs music of different styles and periods.  The program explores musical instruments made from everyday materials, the history of glass and water-tuned music, and related concepts of physics and sound.  Questions and song requests are welcome toward the end of the assembly.


Tim Oliphant – Visual Artist/Cartoonist
        Tim took his first art class in 1961 when he was in the fifth grade and found he had a knack for drawing.  In 1983, he began freelancing his cartoons and illustrations to newspapers,  ad agencies, and magazines in Tennessee.  Since then his work has appeared in such publications as the Saturday Evening Post, Woman’s World, Boy’s Life, Highlights for Children, and many others.
        In 1987, he started his work with students and teachers and became a “teaching artist”.  He was named the Outstanding Artist in Residence by the Tennessee Arts Commission and is a long time member of the National Cartoonists Society.


Tommy Johns – Literacy Program – Science Focus
        Tommy Johns is an educator, comedian, magician, puppeteer and storyteller who travels all over the southeast performing programs that encourage kids and teens to read. His elementary school shows encourage reading, regardless of the topic of the show. He offers shows that teach science, character education, writing, social studies and library skills, but every show is a reading show.
        He has won numerous awards including the Greater Atlanta Magician of the Year. He holds a bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in education and has been a full time Educational Entertainment Specialist since 2006.
        His high school programs are interactive, informative, relevant and always include a little magic! Topics include entrepreneurship and outside the box ways to have a career as an actor, without going to Hollywood!  He also emphasizes the importance of reading as a way to success in life as well as school.
          “I believe that reading opens the door to learning about everything else in life. That’s why all my school and library programs encourage reading,” says Johns, who has been a professional performer since his college days. An avid reader himself, Johns performs about 300 shows each year in schools and libraries all over the country.


Carmen Deedy – Bilingual Storyteller

        Carmen Deedy is a noted bilingual storyteller and children’s author.
        Born in Havana, Cuba, Deedy came to the U. S. As a refugee in 1964.  She grew up in Decatur, Georgia where she lives today.  Deedy began writing as a young mother and storyteller whose NPR commentaries on All Things Considered were collected and released under the title, Growing Up Cuban in Decatur, Georgia.  Many of her stories are true experiences that occurred to her as a result of her immigration to the United States.
        In addition to being a wonderful storyteller, Deedy is also well know for her beloved children’s books.  Each of her books is beautifully illustrated and exhibits wonderful morals and values.  Many of her books are written for elementary students, but have an important lesson for all ages.
        Deedy is also an accomplished lecturer, having been a guest speaker for the TED Conference, the Library of Congress, Refugees International, the Kennedy Center, and Columbia University.  She has also been the host of the Emmy-winning children’s program Love That Book!  Although she has shared her stories with a wide variety of people, school children are still her favorite audiences.


Alex Mizell – Visual Arts – Acrylics
          Alex Mizell, a gifted artist, has been a guest artist in our schools since last year.  He has been teaching the art of working with acrylic paints with students.  His techniques include creating a variety of colors and textures in a painting.  As part of his art education program this year, he helps each student create a still life painting.
        The Jonas Foundation brought first brought Alex to Dalton in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Jonas Foundation.  Mizell is the son of the deceased Atlanta artist, Dorothy Mizell, and a family friend to the Jonas family as well as the Noel Wadsworth family.


Charlsey Etheridge – Drama and Music
     Dalton native Charlsey Etheridge has been performing in one capacity or another since the age of 6.  Coming from a musical family, Etheridge stated by singing in church and playing piano under her grandmother’s instruction.  From a very young age, she knew music would be her path.
After obtaining a Bachelor’s in Music from Lee University, in 2003 Etheridge moved to music city, Nashville, TN, where she would spend the next 13 years honing her craft, writing, signing, and working alongside industry professionals such as Steve Wariner, Grammy-award winners Harley Allen and Randy Kohrs, and Jack Pearson of the Allman Brothers Band.  She has opened for acts like Little Big Town and had the opportunities to perform at the world-famous Bluebird Cafe as well as Bluegrass mecca The Station Inn.  In 2013 her debut album, Memories of Mine, obtained recognition in music industry publication Bluegrass Today & Prescription Bluegrass.
Currently, she serves as Concert Director at the Creative Arts Guild while still sharing her passion for music and performance.


Ah Surely – Irish Music
        The Ah Surely trio performs a program of pure, authentic Irish music and dance.  ‘Wielding fiddles and flutes, uillean pipes, banjo, and guitar, Ah Surely raises a ruckus with Irish music, dancing, and singing – offered up in a performance brimming with warmth, and humor.  The performers include: John Maschinot (uilleann pipes, Irish wooden flute, whistle, and bodhran), Evan Kenney (guitar, vocals, banjos, fiddle, and harmonica), and Claire Shirey (Irish step dance, fiddle, and concertina.  The trio, Ah Surely, was christened on St. Patrick’s Day, 2014.  Now what’s more Irish than that?


Lydia Bolen – Graphic Arts/Digital Media
        Lydia Bolen is a Teaching Artist in the art of digital film making.  She is an actor, filmmaker, and producer.  She has worked on numerous productions, including independent films and theatre, as well as movies and series for the national television.  Lydia’s approach as an artist is to let the participants learn by doing.
        Lydia presents at multiple forums about STEAM, or the film and television industries in Georgia.  She is teaching film making in Gwinnett County, and is assisting with judging plays for STAGE IT! at the Centers for the Arts, the Jonas Artist Program, Gwinnett County, and leads summer camps in film making.  Her mission is to teach young people the basics of the art of film making.



MIchael Levine – Music/Storytelling