The O.N. Jonas Foundation Continues to Bring Art to Area Students!

As we look back on the 2018-2019 school year, the Creative Arts Guild wishes to recognize the O.N. Jonas Foundation, who, in cooperation with the Creative Arts Guild, continues its Artists in Residence programs. The Foundation supports in-school residency programs, placing artists at all schools in the Dalton, Whitfield and Murray County systems, including non-traditional schools.

The Jonas Foundation is the only organization in Georgia that totally concentrates its efforts in bringing talented artists into our school system – at no cost to the students. The Foundation is fully committed to helping all students achieve their full potential. Research shows that a child’s full potential develops when education includes the arts. In addition to a number of other wonderful artists already highlighted in previous news articles, the following O.N. Jonas Artists in Residence also participated in the 2018-2019 school year: Noah Stokes, the Piccadilly Puppets Company, and Paula Plott Gregg.

Noah Stokes, best known for his sports portraits and caricatures, paints in a realistic style often using exaggeration as a tool to enhance the personality of his subject. He works mainly in acrylics and oils on occasion. His caricature work has commercial appeal and therefore he is also very familiar with digital drawing and painting. His technique is simple, often using layers, washes, and a limited palette.

The PICCADILLY PUPPETS COMPANY has been performing since 1969.  Awarded the UNIMA Citation for Excellence in the Art of Puppetry, the group has performed for regional, national and international puppetry festivals and at the International Children’s Festival at Wolf Trap Farm. The company includes several professional puppeteers with extensive experience in working with children in educational settings.

“Readers2Leaders” featured local artist Paula Plott Gregg. She provided an art lesson with each 4th-grade classroom in Whitfield County Schools based on the book “The Day You Begin”. She is a native Daltonian who began her formal artistic career in the local textile industry. Her work as a fine artist became known in the area after completing residential and commercial murals. Her work includes commissioned paintings, portraits, custom designed jewelry, folk art, and commercial contract carpet design.

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